Quick and secure solutions for real-time age verification to access certain adult sites.

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About us

Why AgeVerif?

AgeVerif offers age verification solutions to comply with government regulations regarding the protection of minors and access to adult sites.

AgeVerif is funded by our partner websites to offer the user a completely free, simple, secure and anonymous experience .

All validation processes take place on your device, smartphone or computer, no verification data is collected, transmitted or stored on our servers. Whichever method you choose, you are assured of the integrity of your data.

Choose one of our solutions, validate and confirm your majority, select the length of time you want to save the result of the verification on your device and transparently access the sites that use our technology.

Our solutions


Verification by selfie

Our biometric facial recognition technology uses the phone's camera or your computer's camera. The analysis of your face in real time is done on your device to evaluate your age.

ID Card

Verification by identity document

Take a photo of your identity document (CNI, passport or driving licence). The photo is automatically analysed to confirm its authenticity and to extract only your birth date.

Credit Card

Credit card verification

We only validate the 16 digits of your credit card. We do not ask for the validity date or security code, we do not transmit any data on our servers and will not perform any transaction.

AgeVerif Ticket

Verification with a ticket

Seulement en France

Go to one of the 6000 french partner tobacconists to buy an AgeVerif ticket and enter the code. Your code can be used for an unlimited period of 2 months from the date of issue.